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The purpose of the Technology team is to support and enhance the mission of Foundation Academy. Whether you’re a parent, student, or employee – the technology team is here to help you. Ready for get some stellar support?

Current System Status

Campus Technology

Foundation Academy’s Technology team believes in enhancing the mission and vision through the use of technology and ongoing professional development. Throughout the campus, you’ll find state of the art technology powering our learning, security, and production efforts.

All our facilities feature cloud managed WiFi 6 access points with full building coverage and multiple exterior zones. Enterprise grade network security, and high speed fiber keeps our campus connected to the internet. Multiple levels of secure entrances and access control, paired with end-to-end camera coverage allows our Security team to focus on keeping our students safe.

Classrooms are equipped with high-definition, bright Epson projectors and ultra-short throws. From top of the line Chromebooks, teachers cast to the projectors wirelessly allowing them to teach with your students eliminating the constraints of a desk. Or teachers can utilize their document cams with 12x zoom and 8MP cameras to present the finest of details in their hands on activities.

Student Technology

At Foundation Academy, we offer a 1:1 student to device ratio in grades K-12. Each faculty and student is equipped with Enterprise managed, secure Chromebooks powered by campus-wide WiFi 6. Students in K3/K4 have access to age-appropriate iPads. Student access is kept safe using multiple levels of security including Sonicwall Firewall network filtration, and Securly device level filtration. With Securly Home, …

parents can receive reports of how their students are using their devices, be notified of attempts at potentially concerning online activities, and additionally restrict or permit website access . . .

access securly home

when the devices leave the Foundation Academy networks. We take the student experience seriously and believe in meaningful Digital Citizenship. For more information on Chromebook use and expectations, please review the Chromebook Handbook.

While on campus, students can enjoy the award winning Robotics class, Photography, Yearbook, and Video Production courses. Foundation Academy offers a drone lab, competitive Robotics team(s), and proper typing training. Students will regularly use Clever to easily access instructional materials, and the Google Workplace to complete their assignments.

Staying Connected

Foundation Academy strives for open communication with families and the community. Parents will receive official correspondence via Administration from RenWeb originating emails. The school additionally provides a regular family and staff newsletter. For more timely updates, we encourage families to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@thefalions), where we share and engage daily. We also provide easy access to all things Foundation Academy through the Foundation Academy app (available on iOS and Android).

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Meet the Tech Team

Headshot of Tim Nethers - Director of IT

Tim Nethers

Director of Technology
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Corey Cline

Corey Cline

Systems Administrator
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Thomas Rodriguez - Junior Systems Administrator

Thomas Rodriguez

Junior Systems Administrator
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Brent Workinger - Web Designer and Technical Support Advisor

Brent Workinger

Web Designer & Technical Support Representative
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Stephanie Sutton

Educational Technologist
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Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Technical Support Representative
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